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It’s not a question of whether the refugees are receiving preferential treatment, it’s the extent as to which this is occurring. They are given smartphones directly upon arriving in Germany; according to a headline in a tabloid-y daily newspaper, driver’s licenses are thrown at them, or something like that; and they pocket a whole 1000€ per head every month – just like that!


No-one can explain why this is the case… neither can anyone explain why the government is poisoning us with their chemicals sprayed in the sky over our heads, or why Big Pharma, with the aid of their willing enforcers, the general practitioners and specialists, are assaulting us unsuspecting citizens with completely ineffective and therefore superfluous, possibly even dangerous substances, thereby jeopardizing our health and well-being. And the media covers it all up.

What kind of a world do we live in, in which the governing parties only seem to have one thing on their minds – the total destruction of their own electorate, where the doctors, having forgotten their hippocratic oath, are out to get you, and the newspapers and radio and TV broadcasters are deliberately dumbing us down? Luckily, there are still people who see the dark machinations behind all the lies and aren’t afraid to tell us the truth being hidden from us (albeit mostly with the anonymity afforded them by the internet).

There are reports, for example, of a wave of rapes on underage girls, perpetrated by hordes of hormonally unleashed asylum-seekers. And this only came to light because the writer knows a guy who, when the abused children – apparently between the ages of 8 and 10 – were brought to the hospital, happened to be receiving treatment in the very same hospital. Probably to recover from the long-term ill effects of the overdose of vaccine the ruthless doctors shot him up with during his childhood. Question is, why does he still trust the charlatans? Wouldn’t it be better to consult the only really trustworthy medical adviser, Dr. Google? Just type “pimple on ass + chemtrails” into your browser search window and you’re off on a hypochondriac trip such that not even old “Pschyrembel”, as someone receptive to this kind of thing in his time, would have missed. And you can surf by “Kopp” and see on the live ticker what the current state of the apocalypse is, and – this is what the internet was invented for anyway – download some porn. How great is it that you don’t even need to leave your own four walls to travel to strange new worlds. A world in which you can freely doubt and hate who and what you will, without having to justify yourself. Brave New WWWorld!
But woe to those who would attempt to tear one out of this self-imposed escapism. There’s a whole bunch of naive and gullible souls like that. They’re always coming at you with some dodgy statistics. Prattling on – what else can you call it? – about demographics and crap like that. That we should be more worried about the potential catastrophes caused by global warming. As if anyone would mind finding a parking spot for their SUV much quicker in the evenings, or being able to inaugurate the grilling season in February.
If only there were no refugees, who are only coming here to ruin everything for us, everything we had to work so hard for! And the government is actually supporting them too. Luring them with unconditional income and giving them electronic gadgets to make sure they stay here. Why oh why is Merkel doing all this? Should look it up on Google.

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