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Germany tastes like good pie
Germany smells like expensive detergent
Germany looks like a sea of people
Germany sounds like rap music by Bushido
Germany feels like family

When I came to Germany six months ago, everything was new for me.
I couldn’t speak any German.
I went home in a taxi cab and got out. I forgot to close the door. Then the taxi driver said to me: “Please close the door.”
So I closed the door.
The taxi driver then said, “Danke.”
And I understood “donkey”. I thought the taxi driver had called me a donkey, and I was mad about that for a whole week! But I love a lot of things.
I love exercise because it’s good for me.
I love Bayern Munich because my favorite player is Arjen Robben.
I love cinema and Mr. Bean because he’s very funny.
I love holidays because I love leisure time.
I love learning a lot because learning is good for my future.
I love motorcycles because I like to drive fast.
I love dogs because dogs are good friends.
I like to eat pizza and noodles the most.
But not at the same time.
My dream is to become a mechanic.

Abraham, 17, Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, Aschauer Straße, 19.11.2015
Teddy Afro – Africaye(አፍሪቃየ)