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Hello, my name is Ahmed.
My favorite food is potatoes and eggs.
My favorite animal is a lion.
My dream job is computer engineer or electrician.
I’ve been in Germany for four months.
I speak English, Krio, and a bit of German.
I’m afraid of cats.
Germany tastes like potatoes and eggs.
Germany smells like my cologne.
Germany looks like heaven.
Germany sounds like music,
Germany feels like unity.
I love listening to music because it helps me relax.
I love playing football because I like scoring goals.
I love potatoes with egg because it’s not that expensive ad tastes good.
I love school because it prepares me for the future.
I love Germany because this country has helped me a lot.
I love my adviser because she gives me good advices.

Ahmed, 17, Schwabing, Ungererstraße, 24.11.2015