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About us

Arriving in Munich is developed by authors that are connected with the issue of flight, either biographically or professionally. Young adults from Somalia, Eritrea, Afganistan and Syria talk to Denijen Pauljević about their life in Munich. Which traces do they follow, which traces do they leave behind? Christine Umpfenbach interviews residents of suburbs and volunteers in Munich. She finds out how refugees feel, when they are sent to Bavarian regions although they love Munich. Suli Kurban and her camera follow a Syrian basketball-player of the national team who trains young refugees. Bernd Kasparek traces the history of arrival in Munich, while Andrea Huber takes pictures of a culinary event performed by Culture Kitchen.

Aim of the project is to create and make available insights and documentation into the process of arriving. The act of Welcome only marks a point in time, the act of arriving is a process, a development, a progression. From the history of immigration to Germany and to Munich, we know that the process itself is usually concealed and without public attention, and often need to be retrospectively reconstructed. Munich has proved for decades that arriving is possible and that this process took place without much friction in contrast to alarmist opinions concerning the „state of integration”.

Arriving in Munich fills with personal stories that point to what conditions make arriving easier or more difficult. The experiences of arriving in Munich are captured by documenting the process of arriving over an extended period of time. This archive is presented as an interactive map, which places the multiplicity of traces in Munich next to each other. The paths will lead to new persons, experiences and episodes and intertwine into a new image of the city.

Christine Umpfenbach

Theatre director. Her projects are documentary. Focus is on migration, labour and the city. In her recent productions URTEILE at the Residenz Theater she dealt with the victims of the so called National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Munich.

Bernd Kasparek

Mathematician and cultural anthropologist. He is a migration and border regime researcher. He recently published the book “polycity. Kritische Notizen zu Debatten der Einwanderungsgesellschaft/POLYCITY. Critical notes on the immigration society debate” (with Natalie Bayer and Antonella Giamattei).

Suli Kurban

Filmmaker. In 1999 she came with her family as a politically persecuted Uighur to Germany. She makes films about controversial social issues, particularly migration.

Denijen Pauljevic

Author. Born in Belgrade, Serbia. During the recent Balkan wars he fled to Germany and spent four years in a refugee camp. He participated in the screenplay workshop at the HFF in Munich and is working on various literature, screenplay and theater projects.

Andrea Huber

Photographer and artist. She illustrates for the magazine “Hinterland” and works with artists and young people to implement projects in the field of new media.

Jonas Langreuter

is a web designer and feels connected to the issue.