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Stories about arriving in Munich

Arriving in Munich

In September 2015 the central train station of Munich, once again, came to international media attention as a site of arrival. For thousands of refugees, after an exhausting and often dangerous journey, the first step into Germany was in Munich. In the train station itself, memorable scenes of welcoming took place.

What happens after the welcome? Arriving in Munich tracks the long process of arriving. Through texts, interviews, photos, film and audio recordings we search for stories following this remarkable September. They will shape the urban community of Munich in the years to come. The stories are of those who are just arriving, others that arrived years ago and again those that arrived such a long time ago that the actual arrival is nearly forgotten.

After welcoming, arriving happens. Arriving in a city, in a new circle of friends, in a new community, in a new epoch of the long history of immigration in Munich.








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